Join us here at "Embrace The Chase" in the movement to celebrate our journey along the path to success, as much, if not more than the harvest of game itself!
  For its in the trials and tribulations along the way that we truly make the gains that ultimately lead to our success in the field and on the water.
  Especially in today's world of social media and being force-fed the constant and seemingly effortless success of others in their outdoor pursuits . We are unknowingly adopting a perspective that is mostly false and misleading at best.
Here at "Embrace The Chase" our focus is twofold.
  Goal 1
  To bring to light the true efforts, the highs and the lows. The countless hours of preparation, the never-ending upkeep of equipment, each and every detail no matter how small or trivial it may seem. And yes, also the failures. As these are necessary, unavoidable and should ultimately become welcomed aspects of the pursuit of game.
  Goal 2
  To instill in our fellow outdoor enthusiasts, that even though successful harvest in the field and on the water is our ultimate goal, the journey along the way is where the real success is made.
   This is where the pains of failure are felt. It's from these horrible pains that we obtain the perspective to really appreciate the achievements we make.
  The journey though, now that's where our focus should be. This is where the real story is told. This is what it's all about ladies and gentlemen. This is where lifelong bonds are made, unforgettable memories with family and friends are ingrained in our minds forever.
  Focusing on the journey itself, we start to learn how to live in the present. Most of you I'm sure have heard the phrase "Front Sight Focus". This phrase should be adopted into the way we aim at our goals in real life. Focus on the journey(front sight), while using your past experiences(rear sight) to guide your journey to your goals(target). Learn to live in the moment, for once its gone, you can never get it back!
  Now, that my friends, is what "Embrace The Chase" is really all about! Come and join us on our journey and by all means, include us in yours!